Two Traveller Families

The chance of finding traveller families on the isles at the precise date of a census has to be extremely slim.

To find two such records of Stewart families from Sutherland resident, albeit temporarily, in the Parish of Stornoway is even more remarkable:


Address: 98 Back, Stornoway

Charles Stewart, 35, Travelling Tinker, b. Small Isles, Inverness
Janet Stewart, 36, b. Lairg, Sutherland
Isabella Stewart, 15, b. Lochs
Hannah Stewart, 13, b. Barvas
Mary Stewart, 10, b. Stornoway
John Stewart, 10, b. Barvas
Peter Stewart, 6, b. Stornoway
Christina Stewart, 4, b. Stornoway
Jane Stewart, 3, b. Stornoway
Henrietta Stewart, 6 months, b. Stornoway


Address: Heights of Douran, Stornoway

Kate Stewart, 61, Travelling Tinker Tin Smith Pedlar, b, Creich, Sutherland
Peter Stewart, 23,b.Dingwall
Jane Stewart, 22, b. Stornoway
Alexander Stewart, 1 month, b. Flodderty,

One thought on “Two Traveller Families

  1. rthur's from Killmalie in 1863 James McArthur and Mary Ann Mc Phee they had a son called James McArthur born 1838, I come of the branch of Stewart's Robertson's and the tinsmith and bagpiper Stewart's and Mc Donald's most of them they are Tinsmith's.

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