Chelsea Pensioners on Harris

I have restricted this list to records that confirm that, at the time, each person was an out-pensioner of the Chelsea Hospital. This partially explains why, with one exception, the census of 1851 is the only one represented:

John Macdonald, 51, Pensioner Chelsea Hospital, Kentulavick, b. Harris
(Wife, 28, and three children aged 6, 4 and 2)

Angud MacCuish, 50, Pensioner Chelsea Hospital, Borve, b. Harris

Neil Maclennan, 48, Chelsea Pensioner, Flodabay, b. Harris
(Wife, 40, and 5 children aged 8 years to 5 months)

Donald Macaskill, 60, Pensioner (Chelsea), Island of Bernera, b. Harris
(Wife, 40 and two children aged 9 and 7)

Donald Macleod, 47, Pensioner (Chelsea), Island of Bernera, b. Harris
(Wife, 44, and 4 children aged 14 to 5)

Christopher Macrae, 67, Pensioner Chelsea Hospital, Nishiskee, b. Kintail, Ross
(Wife, 42, and 7 children aged 19 years to 5 months)

Marion Macrae, 58, Chelsea Pensioner’s Widow, South Harris, b. Stornoway
(I believe this to be Christopher Macrae’s Wife. I found this family, uniquely, in 1841 where her age is recorded as 28 compared to his 55 years. I suspect she is nearer to 70 than 60, though!)

Norman Macleod, the only Chelsea Pensioner from Harris that I found in the National Archives: Archives


The Royal Hospital Chelsea –

Chelsea Pensioner –

One thought on “Chelsea Pensioners on Harris

  1. Christopher and Marion Macrae,nee Mor(r)ison are my 3x great grand parents. The age difference is almost certainly accurate!!! They were married in North Leith on 11/10/1830. His parents are listed as Donald and Sybella? who have not been traced yet. The big puzzle is son Daniel’s, my gg grandfather, change(s) of name. Born Daniel Alexander, Daniel I on the 1851 census and Donald in 1861 and on his marriage certificate when he married Mary Macrae in 1862.

    Ian Kerr

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