Post Runners of Lewis

These are the only four recorded Post Runners that I have found in the censuses:


Donald Kennedy, 21, Post Runner, Lochs, b. Lochs
(John Kennedy, 58, Crofter, Father, b. Lochs)

The Post Office in Lochs was home to the McPhail family, but no Post Master/Mistress is recorded. The Post Office in Carloway in 1881 was occupied, but again no Post Master/Mistress is recorded.

Angus Macritchie, 19, Post Runner, 35a Valtos, Uig, b. Uig
(Malcolm Macaulay, 37, Postman, Uncle, b Uig)

Murdo Macdonald, 17, Post Runner, Squatter House, Uig, b. Uig
(Donald Macdonald, 44, Fisherman, Father, b. Uig)

Donald Macualy, 58, was the Post Master in Mangersta.
Norman Maciver, 60, was the Post Master at the Postoffice House

Norman McDougall, 17, Post Runner, 54 Lower Barvas, b. Barvas
(John McDougall, 52, Crofter, Father, b. Barvas)

No Post Office is recorded in Barvas at this time.

It appears that, by 1901 and for reasons unknown, Lochs, Uig and Barvas first employed Post Runners. Appearnaces, however, can deceive and I think it is more likely that the earlier Post Runners performed that role as a secondary occupation that simply didn’t get recorded.

These four people remain as the only recorded census entries for Post Runners on Lewis and that is why they I have presented them here.

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