Mr Torquil McLeod

Should you be requiring the services of a decorator or glazer in Stornoway, I feel duty bound to introduce you to the excellent services of Mr Torquil McLeod, a 30 year-old ‘Painter, Paper Hanger and Glazer’ of 21 Point Street in this, his home town.

Should you call upon the family, you will find that Mrs Mary Irvin McLeod, his 25 year-old wife who hails from Gretna, is somewhat busy with her two Stornowegian Sons, 3 year-old Alexander Sinclair Macleod and 5 month old George Stephen Macleod.

However, her Mother, the charming Margaret A S Hunter who was born 53 years ago in Wellington, Shropshire will occupy the children whilst Mrs McLeod fetches you some tea.

Ah, someone at the door, Torquil, perhaps?

No, it is the 14 year-old scholar, John Hunter, Margaret’s Son who has lived all his life in Stornoway.

Perhaps best to leave your card and ask Torquil to pay you a visit in the morning?

What led the Hunter’s from Shropshire first to Gretna(?) and thence to Stornoway you wonder, as you step into the late-afternoon Spring-sunshine of 1881…


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