Smile Please! – but only if you can stay still…

In 1871 William Macdonald , a Nairn-born 39 year-old Photographer, was lodging at 18 Cromwell St , Stornoway.

A decade late, in 1881, the 58(?) year-old from Forres was staying at 11 Keith Street.

Down the road at number 20 was 47 year-old William Macleod, a Stornowegian ‘House Painter and Photographer’.

Off the islands, a 16 year-old ‘Photographer’s Assistant ‘from Stornoway, Eliza Macpherson, was at Airds Place, Kilmore and Kilbride in Argyll and another Stornowegian ‘Photographer’s Assistant’, Clementina Tulloch, was at 18 Albert Street, St Andrew in Midlothian.

By 1891, 58 year-old Photographer William Macelod was living at 34 Keith Street whilst ‘Photographer Retoucher’ Eliza Macpherson had moved to 7 Cuthard Street, Elgin in Moray.

She appears again in Elgin in 1901 but as an ‘Artist Photographic’ visiting the home of an Inland Revenue Officer. There is no further record of Mr Macleod.

This photograph is from circa 1897 and I am now able to say with a fair degree of certainty that it was taken by William Macleod.
It may well be one of his last photos.


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