The Harris Walkway – Coffin Road

 The Coffin Road was the mountain pass used to take the dead from
Leacli at the head of Loch Stocinis in the rocky Bays of the East
to Seilebost and the traditional burial grounds of the West.

The journey begins with an ascent to, and through, peatbogs which, even in Summer, it is difficult to imagine a team of men bearing a coffin over. Remains of cairns can be seen, constructed to keep the coffin safe whilst the living rested. Passing through the the high, bare, rocky mountain lair of eagles, the footing becomes surer as sight of the sea in the Bays behind is lost. The brief summit is followed by first sight of the beautiful sea and sand of the Atlantic coast far below. The steep descent eases into meanderings around the fertile flat machair at the end of the Coffin Road.

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