Fishery Officers of Stornoway

In 19th century the ‘Commissioners of the British White Herring Fishery’ were established.

Fishery Officers were appointed with responsibility for branding the barrels of cured herring to certify compliance with the strict quality controls that had to be met prior to export.

It was only in 1939 that the requirement for one to have experience as a Cooper in order to become a Fishery Officer was ended.

David Comer, 32, Officer of the Fishery, Kenneth Street, b. Wick, Caithness
Catherine Conner, 19, Wife, b. Stornoway
Elizabeth Macpherson, 16, Visitor, b. Cumber, Dumbarton
Catherine Murray, 19, House Maid, b. Stornoway

John Doull, 33, Fishery Officer under the Board of British White Herring Fisheries, 20 Kenneth Street, b. Latheron, Cathness-shire
Ann Klind Doull, 22, Wife, b. West Wemyss, Fife
Mary Morrison, 16, Domestic Servant

In 1882 the Fishery Board for Scotland assumed responsibility for the protection of sea fisheries in Scottish waters.

James B Ingram, 38, H M Fishery Officer, 15 Kenneth Street, b. Peterhead, Aberdeenshire
Mary Ingram, Wife, 36, b. Peterhead
James C Ingram, 14, Son, b. Peterhead
Alexander Ingram, 13, Son, b. Peterhead

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