Weaver’s Cottage at Liceasto, Harris

This ruined cottage stands overlooking Loch Stockinish.

The large height of the windows, running from floor to eaves,
suggests that it was designed built for weaving.
Liceasto was home to 6 families in 1861 and 8 in 1891.
In each of these years there were two household with Weavers:
1861 2 of the 6 households (15 of 30 people)
Margaret Martin, 34, Wool Handloom Weaver, Wife
John Martin, 32, Crofter
Marion, 3
Angus, 1
Alexander Morrison, 10, Cow Herd, Visitor
Ann Macleod, 21, Wool Handloom Weaveress, Daughter
John Macleod, 46, Crofter
Mary, 37, Wife (plus 7 more children aged 2 to 17)
1891 2 of the 8 households (15 of 30 people)
Ann Mackinnon, 57, Tweed Weaver, Wife
Norman, 61, Crofter
Angus Macdonald, 26, Fisherman, Nephew
Rachel Macdonald, 20, Wool Spinner, Niece
Ann Macdonald, 69, Wool Spinner, Cousin
Euphemia Macdonald, 40, Tweed Weaver, Wife
William Macdonald, 43, Crofter
Margaret, 16, Wool Spinner, Daughter
(6 more children aged 1 to 14)
John Macdonald, 22, Fisherman, Visitor

It is possible that this ruin was once the home of one, or possibly two, of these four families.

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