Stornoway Harbour Masters

These are the three Harbour Masters as recorded in the censuses of 1841-1901

1841 & 1851 – None Listed

Peter Macfarlane, 52, Harbour Master, Head, 1 Kenneth Street, b. Stornoway

William Lees, 48, Harbour Master, Visitor, Garrabost Road, b. Stornoway
(Malcolm Macritchie, 66, Minister Garrabost Free Church, Garrabost Road, b. Uig, Ross-shire)

Peter Macfarlane, 62, Retired Harbour Master, 21 Inaclete Street, b. Stornoway

William Lees, 58, Harbour Master, Head, 16 Keith Street, b. Greenock, Lanarkshire

Thomas Morrison, 54, Harbour Master, Head, 49 Francis Street, b. Stornoway

Thomas Morrison, 65, Harbour Master, Head, 49 (Francis St?), b. Stornoway

I think that William Lees was from Greenock and that the 1871 record merely reflects the fact that he was visiting the Macritchie’s on that occasion and whoever completed the return was perhaps unsure of his birthplace and hence chose the ‘easy’ option of putting Stornoway.

I have no further information on any of these men but thought that, their role having been of such great importance to the port, they should be listed.

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