A Defence of the Scots Highlanders,…

…in General; and some Learned Characters in particular:
Rev John Lanne Buchanan

AFTER reading an enquiry into the History of Scotland, written by Mr. John Pincarton, and considering the asperity of that author, with the injurious, unsupported, and illiberal reflections thrown out against the Highlanders in general, and Learned Characters in particular, I was prompted to make a few remarks on his acrimony against them, and to state facts in their true light, as far as consists with my own knowledge, and these supported by the authority of gentlemen of veracity and candour, in favour of the injured country and people so outrageously insulted.
(original italics)

I found that marvellous opening sentence of such significance as to let it have this entry all to itself.


‘John Pincarton’ is this John Pinkerton :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Pinkerton

John Lanne Buchanan also wrote of his Travels in the Western Hebrides from 1782 to 1790’ and that book is currently on sale at £5 here:http://www.theislandsbooktrust.com/pubs/ 


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