Alexander Edward Murray, 6th Earl of Dunmore in 1841

1 Grafton Street, Mayfair, London
Earl of Dunmore, 34
Countess of Dunmore, 28
Lady C Murray, 4
Lady G Murray, 2
Viscount Fincastle, 1

There are 17 more people (11 women and 6 men) and their specific roles are not recorded but two of the women, like the Earl himself, were born in Scotland.

Alexander (1 June 1804 – 15 July 1845) was the son of George Murray, 5th Earl of Dunmore but the figure on the census is clearly ’34’. The census was taken on the night of the 6th June 1841, just five days after the Earl’s 37th birthday!

On 27 September 1836, he had married Lady Catherine Herbert (31 October 1814-12 February 1886), daughter of the 11th Earl of Pembroke.

Lady C Murray was Susan Catherine Mary Murray (1837-27 April 1915)
Lady G Murray was Constance Euphemia Woronzow Murray (1838-16 March 1922)
Viscount Fincastle was Charles Adolphus Murray, 7th Earl of Dunmore (24 March 1841–27 August 1907)

It is quite nice to have this one glimpse of the family together for, of course, Alexander died just four years later leaving the countess to act as ‘Tutor’ running the 4 year-old 6th Earl’s affairs, including those on Harris…

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