Catherine Murray at Dunmore Park in 1861

In 1861, some 15 years since the death of her husband, the 46 year-old Countess of Dunmore is recorded as plain Catherine Murray but states her occupation as ‘Countess and Peeress’.
With her on the family estate of Dunmore Park, Airth, Stirlingshire are two of her three daughters. Constance W E Murray, 22 and Alexandria V Murray, 15 are each kept occupied as a ‘Lady’.

The other members of the household, which totalled some twenty-five people, comprised:
a Governess,
a House-Keeper and her Assistant,
two Lady’s Maids,
an Upper Laundry Maid,
a Cook (sadly neither from Harris nor, indeed, Scotland),
an Upper Housemaid,
a Stillroom Maid,
a Dairymaid
two Under Laundrymaids,
a Kitchen Maid
a Scullerymaid
two Under Housemaids,
a General Helper,
a Butler,
two Footman and
two Grooms.

This is the last time that I can find Catherine Murray, Countess of Dunmore, in the censuses but nobility are tricky to locate with all the possible permutations of name and title at their disposal!

Back at Rodel House, John Robson Macdonald was performing his functions as Factor, and Angus Kerr was busy ploughing…and keeping an eye on the young House Maid, Lexy Morrison…


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