Countess of Dunmore in 1871

I have had great difficulty in finding more records of the family but, when I recalled that the 7th Earl of Dunmore had married Lady Gertrude Coke (5 Jul 1847-28 Nov 1943) on 5 Apr 1866, I thought it just possible that she might make an appearance at Holkam Hall:

The Earl of Leicester, Head, Widower, Temporarily Absent
Lady Winifred Coke, 23, Daughter
Lady Mildred Coke, 17, Daughter
Countess of Dunmore, 23, Daughter, Visitor
Lady Evelyn Murray, 3, Granddaughter
Lady Muriel Murray, 1 Granddaughter

There were another thirty-one staff in the household, and that is before we include those in the Stables, the Gardener’s House, the Vinery, the Garden Cottage and the two Lodges, who add another twenty-six to the total!

Back in Rodel, Farm Grieve Angus Kerr has married House Maid Lexy Morrison whilst John Robson Macdonald continues as Factor to the 7th Earl’s South Harris Estate, the North Harris one having been sold some 4 years earlier.¬†Stocking Knitting has taken-off in Strond and St Clement’s Church is undergoing restoration

All this a world-away from Holkam Hall, although it, too, is sited on a beautiful part of Britain’s coast:
Coincidentally, Angus Kerr’s ‘1st Cousin 3 times removed’, my Dad, is buried within a couple of miles of Holkam Hall…

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