Engineers and Architects on Lewis and Harris

A small list, even with the inclusion of five wives of engineers whose husbands were elsewhere, but I thought these Civil, Marine and Mechanical Engineers, and Architects, worth recording:

John Saban, 50, Architect, Cromwell Street, b. Scotland

Donald Macdonald, 35, Architect, Visitor, Rodel, b. Kilmuir, Inverness

(Margaret Brotherton, 25, Civil Engineer’s Wife, Daughter, Point Street, b. Stornoway)

William Ross, 35, Architect, Visitor, 18 Francis Street, b. Ross-shire

James Rendall, 25, Marine Engineer, Lodger, South Beach Street, b. Kirkwall, Orkney

Alexander Mackenzie, 78, Architect, Visitor, Timsgarry House, b. Stornoway

Alexander Macdonald, 26, Civil Engineer and Architect, Boarder, 23 Scotland Street, b Dores, Inverness

William E Maclean, 21, Marine Engineer, Son, 37 Keith Street, b. Stornoway

George Mackenzie, 55, Architect, Brother, 49 Keith Street, b. Stornoway

(Catherine Robertson, 30, Engineer’s Wife, Daughter, Manse, b. Tarbert, Inverness)
(Jane Watt, 38, Engineer’s Wife Nursery, Housemaid, North 12 Street, b. Stornoway)

Alexander Macdonald, 34, Civil Engineer, Head, 12 Keith Street, b. Dores, Inverness

Alexander Houston, 26, Mechanical Engineer, Boarder, 1 Mackenzie Street, b. England

George Macdonald, 32, Marine Engineer Seafaring, Son, 52 Lewis Street, b. Stornoway

William J Macleod, 20, Marine Engineer (Apprentice), Son, 5 quay Street, b. Stornoway

Alexander Mackenzie, 64, Architect, Head, 45, Keith Street, b. Stornoway

(Hannah Macmillan, 26, Engineer’s Wife, 14 Plantation Street, b. Co. Armagh, Ireland)
(Annie M M Stephen, 35, Engineer’s Wife, 18 James Street, b. Stornoway)


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