Factors ON Lewis

These are the four records of Factors resident on Lewis at the time of each census:

Thomas Knox, 40, Factor of Lewis, Seaforth Lodge, b. Scotland 2 male and 2 female Servants
(Alexander Macrae, 49, Gardener, b. Ross and Cromarty, and 8 others are also at Seaforth Lodge)

1851 and 1861 – None Listed

Norman Maciver, 30, Factor, Lodger, Private House, Uig, b. Uig

William Mackay, 54, Factor and Snr. Magistrate, Boarder, b. Nairn

1891 – None Listed

Charles Orrick, Factor on Landed Estates, 16 South Beach Street, b. Cockpen, Edinburgh
(Wife and 4 children, ages 9months to 8, all born in Stornoway)

Although an apparently somewhat barren list, it does give us our one census record for the inhabitants of Seaforth Lodge, just three years before Sir James Matheson bought Lewis.


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