Head Lodge Dwellers of Lewis

A slightly different approach in which I am looking at those who were the Head of Household in a ‘Lodge’, regardless of the function of each Lodge at the time:

Alexander Macrae, 55, Gardener Lewis Castle, Gardener’s Lodge, Stornoway Distillery, b. Fodderty

John Macpherson, 69, Nurseryman, Porter’s Lodge, Stornoway, b. Crathinard, Aberdeenshire
Angus Macleod, 39, Game Keeper, Morsgail Lodge, Uig, b. Harris
James Macrae, 33, Inspector of Poor and Registrar, Meary(?) Lodge, Uig, b. Harris

Margaret Mackenzie, 36, Keeper of Mason Hall, 25 Kenneth St (Masonic Lodge), b. Stornoway
John Maclean, 50, Contractor of Works, Porter’s Lodge, b. Inverness-shire
Donald Morrison, 41, Mason, Creed Porter’s Lodge, b. Stornoway
John Christie, 52, Pensioner from the Army, Castle Stables Lodge b. Blair Atholl
John Munro, 37, Game Keeper, Marybank Lodge, b. Contin
James Young, 35, Salmon Fisher, Sandr Road Sandwick Lodge, b. Creich, Sutherlandshire
Alexander Macrae, 44, Shepherd, Gress Lodge, b. Inverness-shire
John Hymers, 45, Manager of Sheep Farm, Head, Eishken Lodge, Lochs, b. Inverness-shire
Angus Macleod, 48, Game Keeper, Sorval Cottage or Lodge, b. Uig, Ross-shire
Angus Macleod, 49, Gamekeeper, Morsgail Lodge, b. Tarbert, Inverness-shire

Alexander Campbell, 60, Porter Lodge Keeper, Creed Porter’s Lodge, b. Stornoway
John Maclean, 55, Agricultural Labourer, Porter’s Lodge, b. Duirinish, Inverness-shire
Christina Macdonald, 24, housekeeper, Lodge, Uig, b. Stornoway

John Christie, 73, Army Pensioner Boatman, Castle Policies Boatman’s Porter Lodge, b. Blair, Perth
John Maclean, 64, Gate Keeper, Porter’s Lodge, b. Duirinish, Inverness-shire
John Morrison, 42, Gamekeeper, Gress Shooting Lodge, b. Alness, Assynt, Ross-shire
Malcolm Smith, 60, River Watcher, Creed Porter’s Lodge, b. Uig, Ross-shire
Ann Munro, 52, House Keeper, Sporting Lodge, b. Contin, Ross-shire
Mary Maclean, 18, Housekeeper, Shooting Lodge, b. Ross-shire
Ann Maciver, 50, House Keeper, Lodge, b. Uig
Mary Mackenzie, 16, House Maid, Shooting Lodge, b. Bernera, Ross-shire

Donald Cameron, 35, Game Keeper, Gress Lodge Game Keeper’s House, b. Rannoch, Perthshire
Catherine Maclean, 60, Lodge Gate Keeper, Porter’s Lodge, b. Dunvegan, Inverness-shire
Ann Smith, 38, Gate Keeper, Creed Porter’s Lodge, b. Stornoway
Mary Chisholm, 30, House Keeper, Eishken Lodge, Lochs, b. Dores, Invernerness-shire
Christina Ross, 60, Farmer’s Widow, Gamekeeper’s House Sorval Lodge, b. Ross-shire
Charles G Gillespie, 64, Living On Own Means, Scaliscas Lodge, b. Inverness-shire
Ann Maciver, 58, Housekeeper In Charge, Uig Shooting Lodge, b. Uig
Roderick Mackenzie, 53, Gamekeeper, Uig Gameleeper’s Lodge (Erista), b. Lochbroom
Dolina Macleod, 46, House Keeper, Grimersta Shooting Lodge, b. Uig, Ross-shire

Several of these people appear elsewhere under entries concerning their individual occupations but I thought it perhaps useful and interesting to have a list in one place as a summary of the Lodges of Lewis.

Note: There are a few spellings that are awry – if anyone would like to supply corrections, Please do so!

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