North Harris Demographics

This is a somewhat crude (but careful!) look at the population of North Harris (as defined for census purposes) from 1881 onwards.

Please not that these are the results of a fairly rough interrogation of a database so the figures are meant for indicative purposes only.

2929 people, 1469 (50%) male, 1463 (50%) female
551Households 447 (81%) male, 104 (19%) female

3120 people, 1479 (47%) male, 1656 (53%) female
555 Households 425 (77%) male, 132 (23%) females

3312 people, 1543 (47%) male, 1788 (53%) female
679 Households 511(75%) male, (25%) 171 female

Three things strike me:

1)The growth in the population of North Harris of 22%.
2)The decline in the proportion of men in the first decade.
3)The increase in the proportion of households headed by women is surely of significance.

It would take a far more detailed analysis to reveal precisely what was taking place over these two decades but clearly ‘something’ led to the changes that I have described.


4 thoughts on “North Harris Demographics

  1. Quite a few of the villages of North Harris have become depopulated over the years. Could you find out more about places like Molinginish?

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