I feel that…

I have taken this blog far enough for now.I never envisaged it growing into several-scores of entries (still less some of the areas that I would find myself exploring!) but overall I am reasonably pleased with the result.
The feedback that I have received (whether from fellow researchers, previously unknown distant relatives, or others with an interest in the history of Scotland and the Western Isles) has been most welcome and encouraging.
Nevertheless, I think it is time for me to assemble these threads and weave a more coherent cloth from them…
…all to done by hand, of course!

Malcolm Kerr, 75, Keeping at Home, Strond, Harris, b. Strond, Harris,
died 3rd April 1905, ending more than 125 years
of male members of my family
living in Strond…

2 thoughts on “I feel that…

  1. Full compliments for your efforts and hope you’ll continue to share the results of your own research. There is so much to be unearthed, by everybody with an interest in these islands. Once you’ve woven your cloth, whether it be here or on a new site, please let us know.

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