Physicians of Lewis

I think that, of all the investigations that I have attempted, this has proved the trickiest and, yes, it was largely due to deciphering the good doctors’ handwriting! The list accords pretty well with that given in this excellent account of The Early Medical Men of Lewis I have highlighted all the addresses and also put in parenthesis those who were either visiting, or were associated with physicians although not medical persons themselves.

A John, 20, Physician, Kenneth Street, b. Ross-shire
Donald Macaulay, 35, Surgeon, North Beach, b. Ross and Cromarty
Alexander Maciver, 60, Surgeon, South Beach Street, b. Ross and Cromarty
Roderick Millar, 35, Surgeon, South Beach Street, b. Ross and Cromarty

Roderick Millar, 46, Surgeon General Practitioner Glasgow College, Head, South Beach, b. Stornoway
(Alexander Maciver, 74, Surgeon Edinburgh University Not Practising, Head, Francis St, b. Stornoway)

Charles Macrae, 43, Surgeon, Head, 18, Kenneth Street, b. Barvas

Roderick Miller, 65, Surgeon and General Practitioner, Head, 24 South Beach Street, b. Stornoway
Charles M Macrae, General Practitioner Medicine, Head, 30 Kenneth Street, b. Barvas

(Alexander Maclean, 36, Student of Medicine, Brother, 16 Whitefield Road, Govan, b. Harris)

Roderick Ross, 40, Physician and Surgeon, Head, 33, Kenneth Street, b. Lochs
Roderick Miller, 75, Surgeon, Head, 24 South Beach Street, b. Stornoway
(Mary Martin, 76, Widow Doctor of Medicine, Mother, 56 Keith Street, b. Duirinish)
(Isabella Clark, 43, Doctor’s Daughter, Niece, 12 North Beach Street, b. Harris)
(John Leadingham, 39, Veterinary Surgeon, Head, 1 Plasterer’s Road, b. Premnay, Aberdeenshire)

Alexander Maclean, 44, Physician and Surgeon, Head, Dr’s House, Uig, b. Taransay

James Macdonald, 41, General Practitioner, Head, Dr’s House, Barvas, b. South Uist

Murdo Mackenzie, 32, Physician and Surgeon, Head, 24, South Beach Street, b. Stornoway
(D J Macdonald, 38, Medical Doctor, Visitor, Vulcan Cottage, b. Garrabost)

Alexander Maclean, 52, Physician and Surgeon Duly Registered and in General Practice, Head, Gary-na-Hine House, Uig, b. Harris

Angus Macaulay, 45, Physician and Surgeon, Head, Dr’s House, Lochs, b. South Uist

Roderick Ross, 50, Registered Practitioner Physician and Surgeon, Dr’s House, Borve, Barvas, b. Lochs

Murdo Mackenzie, 43, Physician Surgeon, Head, 34 Francis Street, b. Stornoway
Donald Murray, 38, Registered Physician Surgeon, Head, 22 Bayhead Street, b. Stornoway
(Donald Macritchie, 20, Doctor Carmail(?) Driver, Son, 7 Pringle’s Court, Cromwell St, b. Lochs)

We do not see our first physicians outside of Stornoway until 1881 and one of these, Alexander Maclean, was born in 1837 on Taransay. It is noticeable that all the doctors, with the exception of the Aberdonian Vet, were islanders. I do not know where Vulcan Cottage was but John Leadingham swapped being a veterinarian for farming and his addresses in 1891 and 1901 were Plasterfield (Farm) House in Stornoway. He is the only Veterinarian I have found in Stornoway, but began his working life as a ‘Flesher’ on his father’s farm before progressing to become a Butcher. I have found no children recorded for the Leadingham’s.

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