Effy in Amhuinnisdhe

On the 7th June 1921, 83 year-old Webmaker Effy Kerr died from Rheumatism.
What makes this death of a daughter of John the Tailor unusual is the location. Although Effy had been a General Servant in West Tarbert in 1861, her presence at Amhuinnisdhe in 1921 is an unusual foray further across the isthmus into the North of Harris.

She had returned to her mother in Direcleit by 1871,when she was a Knitter, and remained there until 1891 by which time she was a Wool Spinner with her niece, Peggy. She ‘disappeared’ in 1901 so it will be interesting to discover where she was by 1911!

Her death was registered by Murdo Campbell, who calls himself her Nephew in Law, probably married to fellow Wool spinner Peggy who was her Fisherman brother Angus’s daughter. I presume that the elderly, maiden aunt was living with their family.

Lord Leverhulme, by the way, was two-years into his ownership of the North Harris Estate when Effy died.


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