Malcolm Kerr 1822-1898

This is my grandfather’s grandfather who was born in Direcleit, Harris and died aboard his son’s ship in the Horseshoe Sound, Kerrera, Near Oban.

The original is in the possession of my cousin in Stornoway. The frame contains the writing ‘Norrie 28 Cross Street, Fraserburgh’ and the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre includes a file on William Norrie, Photographer. The 1901 census records the 39 year-old at that address whilst his father, at No 26, is a Picture Frame Maker which occupation he also records in 1891. In 1881 the son was a Cabinet Maker and the father a Merchant Draper. This suggests that the photo was taken after 1881 making Malcolm at least 60 years-old? We know that the picture is of Malcolm because my cousin’s father, another grandson of Malcolm’s, told her it was him. There appears to be a figure to Malcolm’s left and this leads me to conjecture that the photograph was cut to fit the frame to which it was later entrusted. I think it is a wonderful image of a 19thC Seaman whose soulful eyes are as deep and mysterious as the seas he sailed upon…


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