Net Workers of Lewis & Harris

These are the only records of people from the censuses of 1841-1901 in all of Lewis & Harris who are listed as working with nets. In each case, the Head of the Household was a Fisherman:

Donald Macdonald, 14, Net Mender, Son, Bayble Road, Stornoway, b. Stornoway
(John Macdonald, 36, Fisherman, b. Stornoway)

Mary Macleod, 28, Net Spinner, Daughter, Fisherman’s House, North Harris, b. Harris
(John Macleod, 60, Fisherman, b. Harris)

Malcolm Macaulay, 50, Net Mender, Servant, 21 Portnagman(?), b. Stornoway
(Murdo Campbell, 32, Fisherman, b. Stornoway)

Donald Matheson, 15, Net Mender, Servant, 5 Portoller(?), Stornoway, b. Stornoway
(John Martin, 27, Fisherman, b. Stornoway)

It would appear therefore that net-making was either performed as an integral part of the role of being a Fisher, or that the finished articles were imported. Either way, it surprised me to find no net-makers on these isles.


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