‘Vessel missing since 16.3.90’…
When I first saw this other record on a page containing the death of a fisherman from Harris who I was researching I initially ignored it but I’ve just returned to the page and decided to delve a little deeper.
23 year-old fireman J. Robertson’s Nationality is given as Leith.
I have noticed that most deaths at sea specify the person’s Nationality like this which surely cannot be coincidental but perhaps a reflection of the especial importance to seafaring people of their place on land?
He was aboard this ship which, according to the list at,000-84,999.htm was built in 1880, registered in London and was of 1623 Gross Register Tonnage making her a steamship (he was a Fireman) of some size.
J Robertson’s ‘Last Place of Abode’ is left blank, presumably unknown, as is the place where he and his crewmates all perished…


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