Steamboat Agents of Harris

Here are the four men recorded in the 1841-1901 censuses as Steamboat Agents:

Murdoch Ferguson, 38, Oab, b. Harris

Angus McInnis, 36, West Tarbert, b. Harris

Angus Macinnes, 40, West Tarbert 47, b. Harris
William Stewart, 21, Strond, b. Harris

Angus Mcinnes, 50, No 33 East Tarbert, b. Harris

Angus Macinnes, 60, No 56 North Harris, b. Harris
(Malcolm Mackinnon, 32, Visitor, 1 North Harris, b. Harris)

I have previously mentioned that it was Sir E Scott who was responsible for the SS Dunara Castle visiting Harris, as seen in the 1881-1901 censuses, and the fact that the original site of the ferry was near Kyles House just to the North-West of An-t-ob.

I think it is safe to assume that Angus Macinnes was the Agent dealing with the North Harris Estate’s utilisation of steamers whilst Murdoch Ferguson and William Stewart were most-likely working with the company(ies) running ferries to Harris, but if anyone can provide further clarification on either assumption that would be most gratefully appreciated.

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