Johan Morison, Agent for Harris Tweed

In the 1891 census we find the Morison family of No 10 East Tarbert headed by the 80 year-old Spinner (Wool) Mary Morison. Her daughter Mary (47) is a Sewing Mistress and her second daughter, Christina (38), a Domestic Servant.
However, it is her youngest daughter, 36 year-old Johan, who grabs our attention for she, uniquely in the census returns of 1841-1901, is an Agent for Harris Tweed.

Interestingly, by 1901 the three maiden Morrison sisters, Mary (60) , Margaret (57) and Johanna (46) ,are each listed as a ‘Homespun Woollen Manufacturer’ of No 30 North Harris.
Incidentally, Johanna appears to have been particularly adept at constructing identifiable occupational titles for in the censuses there is but one other instance of someone combining those same three words!

(The other three occupants of No 10 in 1891 were Malcolm Morison (31), a Boarder and Baker, Mary K Mckinnon (16), a Grand-Daughter & Domestic Servant and finally Mary Buchanan (50) who was a Niece and Weaveress (Formerly)).

Note: I have used ‘Johan’ in the title of this piece because ScotlandsPeople returns her 1891 record as such – I think that the Johanna Morrison who died in Harris in 1910 at the age of 56 is the same lady.

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