Sheriff William Ivory, Sheriff Principal of Inverness-shire, & Harris

There is a collection of the Sheriff’s correspondence from September 1886 held by the NAS (GD1/36/1/42).
One item is described as:
‘dispute with crofters concerning a march wall erected by Lord Dunmore at Luskintyre, Harris’.
This was a busy time for the Sheriff, who’s effigy had been burnt (pdf)  in Portree, Skye by crofters during the previous year, and the bulk of the correspondence apparently is with regard to an expedition of police and marines to serve writs on crofters in Portree.

I have not yet read the correspondence, but the fact that there was a dispute at this time (three months following the passing of the 1st Crofters’ Act (pdf) and seven since the death of the Countess of Dunmore) between the 7th Earl and the crofters sufficient to attract the attention of the Sheriff Principal of Inverness-shire is of interest.

Update: Am Baile has made available online several papers of the Sheriff’s, including this one.

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