Guano Factory of Stornoway

In 1901 are to be found these two men in Stornoway:

Alexander Maclennan, 60, Guano Factory Labourer, 15 Coll, b. Stornoway
John Mackenzie, 56, Labourer in Guano Factory, 29b Lower Sandwick St, b. Stornoway

I am pretty sure that the word IS ‘Guano’ rather than being ‘Gas’ or ‘Gut’ which (along with ‘Oil) are the only other instances of the word ‘Factory’ that appear in this census for the town. There are less than a dozen Guano workers to  be found in the whole of Scotland between 1841-1901 so these two are pretty special.

I understand the term ‘Guano’ to refer not only to the excrement of sea birds, bats and seals but also to manure made from fish and whales. It seems entirely possible that the Guano was produced at the ‘Gut’ Factory but if anyone has any further information regarding the Guano Factory of Stornoway then please do contact me.

2 thoughts on “Guano Factory of Stornoway

  1. I can’t tell you anything about the “guano” factory, but am reliably informed that there used to be a herring gut processing plant in the town. Its lorries, leaking fish innards, would leave a trail of stink in their wake as they made their way to the industrial estate at Newton.

  2. The Gut Factory Manager was 37 year-old John Grant from Peterhead who was Boarding at 2 Shell St in 1901. The Foreman was 37 year-old Robert Hepburn from Buckie, Banff who was with his wife and 2 children at 36 Newton St. Seems likely the Gut/Guano Factory(ies) were part of the one operation.

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