Hairdressers & Barbers of Stornoway

These four gentlemen were each employed in the hair-care industry in the town. They are the only ones recorded throughout Lewis and Harris in the censuses of 1841-1901:

Austin Unsworth, 17, Hairdresser, Boarder, Breyton House, Bayhead Street, b. Wales
(Angus Macleod, 67, Retired Forester)

James Robertson, 25, Hairdresser, Boarder, 3 South Beach Street, b. Glasgow
(Christina Mcleod, 37, Boarding House Keeper, b. Stornoway)

Arthur Loss, 25, Hairdresser, Servant, 39 Kenneth Street, b. Aberdeen
(Robert Sims, 59, Merchant Grocer Gov Barvas School, b. Elgin, Morayshire)

Kenneth Murray, 39, Barber, 4 Point Street, b. Stornoway


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