Gardener’s Cottage, Stornoway

Lews Castle was built during the years 1847-54. At the same time a cottage was constructed for the Gardeners and these are the census records for the men who appear to have occupied it:

(1841 – Alexander Macrae, 49, Seaforth Lodge, b. Ross & Cromarty)

1847 – Castle construction begins

Alexander Mcrae, 55, Gardener’s Lodge, b. Fodderty, Ross
Peter Stoddart, 26, Distillery, b. Dunse, Berwick (Address reminds us that the teetotal Sir James Matheson built Lews Castle where the Stornoway Distillery had stood)

1854 – Castle complete

Peter Liddle, 27, Gardener’s Cottage, b. Carnwath, Lanarkshire
Revere(?) Black, 25, Gardener’s Cottage, b.Ireland
Alexander Macrae, 65, Gardener’s House No 1, b. Kinloch Ussle(?), Ross-shire

John Smith, 35, Gardener’s Cottage, b. Haddington
Alexander Macrae, Nursery Cottage, b. Fodderty, Ross-shire (see Nursery Cottage )

George Macdonald, 45, Gardener’s Cottage, b. Uig, Ross-shire
Alexander Macrae, 86, Nursery Cottage, b. Fodderty, Ross-shire

David Conning, 37, Gardener’s Cottage, b. Haddington

David Conning, 47,Gardener’s Cottage,  b. Haddington

Note: I have included Alexander Macrae because, despite never giving his address as the Gardener’s Cottage, he served as a Gardener, Forester and Head Nurseryman for at least 40 years!

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