Cammy Kerr (1931-2008)

I was prompted to compose this entry upon learning that the Macleod family-farm at Crobeag is for sale .
Malcolm Murdo Kerr, better-known in Stornoway as ‘Cammy’ Kerr, was a Butcher at ‘Charley Barley’s’, famous for their Marag Dubh or Stornoway Black Pudding.
Cammy gets a wee mention in their Guestbook and can be seen in a picture here .
He was Goalkeeper for one of the two Stornoway football clubs in the 1950s (was it Athletic or United?) and subsequently worked developing Youth Football in the town. When I met Cammy in 2007 he was delighted to hear that my 14 year-old son was a  fellow ‘Keeper!
No less than six of Cammy’s great-grandparents were Hearachs and the ‘missing couple’ (who were living in the Falkland Islands when his grandfather was born) in all probability were also originally from Harris too.

(Note: One of my other Stornowegian cousins told me his nickname was spelt ‘Cammi’, with an ‘i’, but as the links given above spell it as ‘Cammy’ I’ve chosen to stick to that.)


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