Togail Tir – Marking Time

My copy of this marvellous book arrived today and what a joy it is! I say that not just because the essays on Bald’s 1805/5 Map of Harris and the Maritime Surveys of Captains Otter and Thomas each confirm (and provide additional information upon) my own meagre explorations, but because, as Finlay Macleod says in the Preface:
“my only wish is to illustrate in this one publication the wealth of topics and personalities associated with the history of marking time in the Western Isles. (Or togail tir if you prefer: raising land, depicting land, uplifted by land.)”
And that his book does with a worth far beyond the ridiculously reasonable £7.99 cover-price.
It is a treasure to read, to delight in dwelling over the copious lavish illustrations, and I would suggest it is a ‘must have’ publication for anyone with an interest in the place we call the Western Isles.
Although the book is Out of Print, new copies are available: 

(I must record my thanks to Mary Ferguson at Stornoway Library for bringing Togail Tir to my attention)

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