Alexander Carmichael in the Uists

Alexander Carmichael (1932-1912) spent two periods of his life living in the Western Isles and, as luck would have it, we catch sight of him there during the night of two consecutive censuses:
1871 The Manse of Trumisgarry, North Uist
Alexander A Carmichael, 38, Officer of Inland Revenue (Excise Branch), b. Lismore, Argyle
Mary F U M Carmichael, 29, Wife, b. Par. of Tongue, Sutherlandshire
Elizabeth C Carmichael, 7 months, b. Par. Of Lismore, Argyle
Catherine Carmichael, 17, Niece, Visitor, b. Par. Lismore, Argyle

Catherine Macaulay, 22, General domestic Servant, b. North Uist
Margaret Macinnes, 18, Nurse, b. North Uist

(Alexander Carmichael, 3, Visitor, Newton Farm House, North Uist, b. Lismore, Argyle)
1881 Scolpaig Farm House, North Uist
Alexander Carmichael, 49, Officer Inland Revenue, b. Lismore, Argyleshire
Mary F Carmichael, 39, Wife, b. Logie, Inverness-shire
Alexander M Carmichael, 12, Son, b. Lismore, Argyleshire
Elizabeth C Carmichael, 10, Daughter, b. Lismore, Argyleshire
Eon K Carmichael, 9, Son, b. South Uist
John M Carmichael, 6, Son, b. South Uist

John Macdonald, 26, Farm Grieve, b. North Uist
Alexander McQuinn, 20, Ploughman, b. North Uist
Alexander MacDonald, 25, Shepherd, b. North Uist
Roderick Macrury, 16, Cattle Herd, b. North Uist
Mary Maclean, 36, Domestic Servant, b. North Uist
Janet Macdougall, 27, Dairymaid, b. North Uist
It is known that the Carmichael’s lived at Creagorry on South Uist and I presume that the two youngest boys were both born there. It is also known that they spent their second stay on the Uists, beginning in 1880, in Scolpaig but I think that the record of them living in the The Manse at Trumisgarry in 1871 (and us seeing the eldest son Alexander staying 3 miles away at Newton perhaps as a treat, perhaps due to the recent arrival of his baby sister?) is ‘new’ information.
Whatever the circumstances, I thought I’d add this little piece on a man who did magnificent work in recording Gaelic culture and whose path crossed, productively, those of Captain FWL Thomas and Admiral Otter. Oh, and let us not forget their wives for, to differing degrees and in various ways, these three ladies also appear to have played significant roles in this work in their own right.

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