An Advert for THE "HARRIS CLOTH"

Should you be sitting to read your copy of the Boston Evening Transcript on Wednesday the 26th of April 1899, your eye might alight upon the sub-heading ‘AHEAD OF ALL’ and to the second entry:

THE “HARRIS CLOTH” is spun and woven in the homes of the fishermen on the estates of the Countess of Dunmore, in the island of Harris. W.Hebrides.Scotland. In all colors for gentlemen’s spring wear at MESSENGER & JONES, 388 Washington street. Specially imported.

(Original here. from which you can see that the paper, celebrating its 70th year, cost 3 Cents.)

It is worth noting that, despite her having died some 13 years earlier, it was still the Countess of Dunmore whose name was linked to the origin of this “Harris Cloth” and it would be another decade before the ‘Orb’ trademark was established for Harris Tweed.

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