19thC Teachers don’t fit 1920s Schools…

From the 1960 Parliamentary Answer that I had used to create a list and map of Harris Schools between 1919-1959 it is possible to extract those that were not in existence in 1919-20 leaving us with these 8 schools on Harris and three more on neighbouring islands:
Kyles Scalpay
Kyles Stockinish
Tarbert, Sir E Scott
From the Census records we have the following list of places where teachers were living:
(NB Previously when conducting these very same searches I had no returns for 1871 & 1881 but, for reasons unknown, some teachers have now appeared in each of those censuses!)
1841 Tarbert, Rodil
1851 Tarbert, Kyles Scalpay, Finsbay, Leaclea, Obbe, Rhenigingdale, Bernera, Borve
1861Tarbert, Direcleit, Finsbay, Bernera, Obbe, Rhenigingdale
1871 Geocrab, Kyles Scalpay
1881 North Harris, Drinishader, South Harris, Strond, Scalpay
1891 Ardsleigh, Borve, Carrigrich, Drinishader, E Tarbert, Finsbay, Geocrab, Grosebay, Kyles Scalpay, Luachies, Manish, Meavig, Rushgary, Scalpay, Scaristavore, N Harris, S Harris
1901Big Borve, Drinishader, Finsbay, Geocrab, Kyles Scalpay, Manish, North Bayhead, Obbe, Scalpay, Stockinish, N Harris, S Harris
So whilst one could attempt to ‘fit’ some of these teachers into some of the schools, I think it a rather dubious strategy (not least because the earliest census took place some 80 years earlier than the suggested list of 1920s schools) that wouldn’t produce a true picture of educational provision across the island through the years.
I shall have to think of an alternative way forward but meanwhile I feel a little progress has been made.
Note: I have incorporated the new findings for 1871 & 1881 into a revised Harris Schooleachers .

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