Education in Harris in 1871

Here are Harris’s teachers of 1871:
Susan Mcleod, 37, Teacher, Wife, House at Kyles Scalpay, b. Harris
BAYS (1)
John Gillanders, 54, Gaelic School Teacher, Geocrab
Murdo Mckenzie, 23, Schoolmaster Free Church, b. Lochs
John McDonald, 23, Schoolmaster, b. Harris
Farquhar Mckay, 23, Schoolmaster, Schoolhouse, b. Harris
Mary Mcaulay, 21, School Mistress, Industrial School, b. Stornoway
Margaret McDonald, 26, Teacher, Established Church School, b. Harris
John Mclean, 26, Teacher, Visitor, House at Oban, b. North Uist
(Norman Mcleod, 30, Fisherman, b. Harris)
Murdo Morrison, 23, Schoolmaster, Visitor, Ardourlie Castle, b. Carloway
(Donald Morrison, 40, Shepherd, b. Harris)
William Dingwall, 33, Schoolmaster, Visitor, Shipowner’s House, b. Gairloch
(Malcolm Campbell, 32, Shipowner, Mealmonger & C, b. Harris and
the ‘uncle of the husband of my 2nd cousin 3 times removed’, apparently!)
William Sutherland, Lately Teacher, Visitor, b. Kildonan, Sutherland
(Donald Morrison, 81, Retired Teacher, West Tarbert, b. Harris)
The number of ‘Scholars’ had risen to 499 by this time and yet we can only be sure of there having been 7 teachers regularly providing them with their education in 1871.
It is impossible to locate all but two of these educators, those being in Kyles Scalpay and, interestingly, Geocrab. I find this interesting because there was a school started at some point in time at nearby Kyles Stockinish but this is a long walk from Geocrab. However, it is a short boat trip across Loch Stockinish so, whilst I have no evidence, I am wondering if John Gillanders commuted to work by boat each day? Something to investigate further…
At this point it is probably worth reminding readers of a track taken by children to the school at Kyles Stockinish that I have referred to previously and the details of which can be seen here .

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