What has become of Lady Sophie Scott, the wife of Sir Samuel Edward Scott, M.P. for West Marylebone? Asks the London Daily Mail of April 23. She has disappeared from London in the strangest manner. She drove from her residence, 7, Grosvenor square, W., last Monday to do some shopping in Bondstreet, dismissed her coachman there, and has not returned home since.
Sir Samuel, naturally much distressed, telegraphed to various addresses of friends all over the country to ascertain whether his wife had gone to stay with them, but could gain no intelligence at all. Information has since been received, we understand, from Lady Sophie Scott; and it would appear that she, perhaps exaggerating the seriousness of some difference which had occurred between her and Sir Samuel, has parted from him. Lady Sophie Scott was before her marriage Lady Sophie Cadogan, and is the daughter of Earl Cadogan, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. This painful affair became known to the Earl while he was entertaining the Duke and Duchess of York last week.
It was less than three years ago that the marriage occurred, and it was the grandest wedding, other than royal, that London had seen for many a long year. There wore half a dozen or more members of the Royal Family present at it. Lady Sophie Cadogan was 22 years of age at the time, and her husband was a year older. Sir Samuel was ao that time Lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards. He is a member of the famous banking family of Scott, and is enormously wealthy, with seats at Sundridce Park, Bromley, Kent, and North Harris, N.B.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXVI, Issue 8538, 9 June 1899, Page 4 National Library of New Zealand


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