Horsacleit Lodge

Seeing this photo of the lodge from one of my ‘Contacts’ on Flickr (Contacts are like Facebook Friends or Twitter Followers) inspired me to learn more about the story of the lodge.

I checked what, if anything,  I had previously written and discovered just a passing reference to the name itself being derived from the Norse for ‘Horse Cliff’ (It may also appear spelt as ‘Horsaclett’ or ‘Horsaclete’).

The next port of call was the RCAHMS which provided this Site Record from the Canmore section of their Search Resources . At this point I didn’t look at the Public Contribution to that record.

However, I did find a comment at the British Listed Buildings site.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to access and contribute to these wonderful online resources and my aim in writing this is merely to highlight, & thereby encourage, such collaboration and cross-referencing.

Of course, we are also able to take a ‘virtual walk’ around the area thanks to Google Street View !

2 thoughts on “Horsacleit Lodge

  1. It’s mentioned in the book ‘The History of Finsbay Lodge, Harris: Life and Fishing on a Hebridean Isle’ and if I remember correctly it was imported as a kit house from somewhere in Scandinavia – way before IKEA was ever invented. I have the book but it’s currently in storage until we get to Maraig sometime in the Spring

  2. Hi Richard,
    Many thanks for getting in touch & mentioning ‘The History of Finsbay Lodge…’ which I must admit I have yet to read. It was the author of that very book, Michael Gardner, who made the comments that are linked to as ‘Public Contribution’ & ‘British Listed Buildings’ in the piece.
    On the topic of flat-packs, apparently they used to send pre-cut roof-timbers, etc from Scandinavia to the Faroe Isles for house building there – at least 500 years ago!
    Hope your move goes smoothly!
    All the best,

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