>A novel. By the Earl of Dunmore FRGS, author of ‘The Pamirs’.

‘In this breezy and entertaining novel Lord Dunmore has given us a very readable and racy story of the life that centres in a Highland shooting, about the end of August.’ – Glasgow Herald

This reference was found in ‘Mr Edward Arnold’s New and Popular Books, December 1901‘ and I believe the Earl’s novel was published in 1895.

Has anyone heard of it? Or read it?

‘The Pamirs’ is still in print and, if you search the Amazon site, you will find by ‘Charles Adolphus Murray Dunmore’, a book called ‘The Revelations of Christianus: And Other Christian Science Poems (1901)’

Christian Science was begun in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy but I was unaware that the 7th Earl had any association with the religion.


2 thoughts on “>’Ormisdal’

  1. I actually have a copy of the book. It was indeed published 1895 by Edward Arnold and, so far, is an excellent read.

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