A Note In The Margin

A recent exchange on a friend’s blogoccasioned me to revisit my post on the Hamlet of Limera where I had written that:

Secondly, we have the 8 men, each a‘Fisher’, and ranging in age from 14 to 48. Whether this was their ‘permanent’abode or they were merely making-use of the facilities whilst fishing the localwaters I do not know. I do know that a group of, largely, such young men cannothave chosen to be living together in such circumstances if there were a morecompanionable alternative available.

Deciding to look at the original census returnon scotlandspeople.gov.uk, I saw a note in the margin referring to these twogroups of fishers:

‘Thecontents of schedules 22 & 23 are two fishing boats’ crews; they belong toother parts of this parish but have also houses here (Limera) as being aneligible fishing station: they were both at sea when their schedules were takenup. Their relation to one another or the  ‘Head of Family’ could not in every case beascertained by R M Esq.’

‘R M Esq’ appears to have been Roderick MacKay,the Enumerator who also describes the location specifically as the ‘Station ofLimera’.

The interesting pieces of additional informationare that, whilst the two crews were indeed ‘making-useof the facilities…’ which I had suggested might be the case, thehouses they inhabited were in fact occupied by them in what appears to havebeen a regular manner at this ‘eligiblefishing station’.

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