Isabel Frances Grant (1887-1983) in 1891

I am intending writing a short piece on ‘Highland Folk Ways’,the book published in 1961 which remains perhaps the best single-volumeintroduction to the history of Scottish Gaelic culture in all its guises.
However, whilst I wasundertaking some background research regarding the book’s author, Dr I F Grant,I discovered that at the time of the 1891 Census she was living in a particularlyinteresting household:
The three year-old is found with her paternal grandparents,Sir Patrick Grant and Frances Maria Grant, in the ‘Chelsea Hospital’ in London.Sir Patrick was a Field Marshall and Governor of the Royal Hospital Chelsea until his death in 1895.
Dr Grant was to found the Highland Folk Museum, and in 2008 her account of that work was published.
A more detailed biography may be read on Am Bailebut I thought it worth noting the little girl’s presence at an institutionwhich included many Highlanders & Islanders amongst its in-patients andout-patients as demonstrated in this brief entry regarding Chelsea Pensioners found in Harris.
A slight diversion from my original intention, but one thatI thought worth sharing!

One thought on “Isabel Frances Grant (1887-1983) in 1891

  1. How very interesting! I look forward to your piece on Highland Folk Ways, and also on Isabel Grant, about whom I know nothing whatsoever (except that as a child she was with her grandparents in Chelsea Pensioners’ Hospital).

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